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If you are a startup, or a small established company looking for flexible workspace solutions, we have something tailored just for you: Small team private offices and modern designed common spaces in a lively neighbourhood, where daily life is balanced with the vibrancy of urban living.

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  • 20% off the monthly rent for the first 3 months of the renting period
  • Delicious breakfast every Monday for a good start of the week
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Cost-effective all-in-one office

Flexible office space professionally managed, beautifully designed and hospitality forward.

Situated in a business building

Cool location in the Kapana art district

Restaurants, bars, shops... right onyour doorstep

Easily accessible by public transport

Underground parking is available under the building

Stunning view to Sahat Tepe-Danov Hill

The benefits our residents will enjoy

Balcony withsitting lounge area
4 small team offices with big office tables and ergonomic chairs
Open Spacefor meetups
Fully equippedmeeting room
2 focus booths
24/7 accesswith PINN
Hot drinksincluded
Copy and printservices

Korner shared offices is located in the Kapana art district

What people say about Korner Coworking Sofia

Four years ago, we opened our first coworking space in Sofia, quickly establishing it as a preferred
location for those who appreciate a quiet and cosy work setting. We are bringing that
same commitment to service and fine touch to our new space in Plovdiv, where you will find a modern and
functional atmosphere designed for productivity. Expect all the comforts and high standards you've
come to know from us, now in a fresh, contemporary setting.

Yordan Yosifov
Yordan Yosifov
Great place!
Nikolaos Ntavos
Nikolaos Ntavos
Italo Eber
Italo Eber
This is a great space! Comfortable seating and desks; great internet connection; nice spaces to seat and move around; all the amenities needed for a work day - from coffee machine to fridge, from teas to lunch area, and meeting spaces; right at the city center; great friendly service!
mara barova
mara barova
Уют, чистота и топлина
Had a lovely time using this coworking with my partner when we were in Sofia! The daypasses are definitely worth their money, the kitchen provides coffee and beverages, space is light-flooded and the lady running it was very welcoming. Thank you again 🥀
Marija Kata Vlasic
Marija Kata Vlasic
I had a lovely experience working at Korner multiple times while in Sofia. The owner is very accommodating, helpful and prompt in responding to any questions. You can find friendly and approachable co-workers there, who always make sure to take their calls into a different room. The kitchen is well equipped, the WIFI is great, and you’re just steps away from various healthy lunch options. The interior is also stylish, cozy and functional. I would recommend Korner to anyone looking to get some deep work done while in Sofia. :)
Mila Staneva
Mila Staneva
Great location in the center of the city, amazing apartment, super comfortable and pretty, spacious and sunny. The people are super nice. Great for events. And close to one of my favourite restaurants: Edgy Veggie! Perfect!
Ani Bokova
Ani Bokova

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