Terms and Conditions

1. General information

(1) These General Terms and Conditions (the “General Terms”) govern the conditions under which Space Pro Ltd. provides office / work / shared space for a fee, as well as the provision of additional services related to the use of the shared work space. For the purposes and for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, „Shared Workspace“ means an open workspace in which one or more tenants (hereinafter referred to as „Clients“) may hire single working places on a daily and monthly basis. The working places may be used only for activities normally performed in an office space or deviating from this condition, which are explicitly stipulated in the individual contract of the Client („Coworking Membership Agreement“).

(2) The name of the workspace is Korner and is located at 86 Knyaz Boris I Str., Fl.1, 1000 Sofia.

(3) The services shall be provided to both individuals and legal entities.

2. Types of offered services

(1) Space Pro Ltd. offers the following services: provision of paid workplaces in a shared space including the right to use the Internet (LAN and / or WiFi), a meeting room, printing and copying services, lockers, and postal address. Space Pro also offers the following additional services:

  • Organizing and conducting events;
  • Rental of event equipment (projector, monitor, conference materials, etc.;
  • Catering;
  • Mediation in the selection of external consulting services (legal, financial, accounting, marketing, etc.);
  • Consulting services.

The provision of ancillary services is governed by a separate agreement between Space Pro and the user.

(2) Space Pro offers its services in packages (hereinafter referred to as „Packages“), determined according to the type of services included and the period of their use.

As of the date of these Terms and Conditions, Space Pro offers the following Packages:

2.1 Visitor

(1) Includes the right to use one place for 1 day / 5 consecutive days during Korner’s business hours. The choice of workplace is based on the current consumption in the shared workspace. The visitor is also entitled to unlimited use of wireless internet (WiFi), water / coffee / tea consumption. For an additional fee, according to the prices announced at the moment, the Visitor can use the conference room during the official working hours of Korner, to use the printing and copying services.

2.2 Workplace in a shared space

(1) Includes the right to use one place during Korner’s business hours. The choice of workplace is based on the current consumption in the shared workspace. The visitor is also entitled to unrestricted use of wireless internet (WiFi), to use a meeting room for a limited time during Korner’s official office hours, water / coffee / tea consumption. For an additional fee, according to the prices announced at the moment, the Client can rent a locker, use printing and copying services. The package is valid for 1 (one) month.

2.3 Fixed workplace

(1) Includes the right to use a fixed workplace (at the client’s choice according to the vacancies at the time the contract is concluded); the right to unlimited use of the Internet (WiFi and / or LAN); right to limited use of printing and copying services; the right to use a postal address and the right to use the conference room for a limited period of time; the right locker to use a personal locker, and water / coffee / tea consumption. The package is valid for a 1 (one) year membership contract.

(2) Each fixed workstation is equipped with: work desk, ergonomic chair, locker, electricity, USB outlet, lighting, cable and wireless Internet (WiFi).

(3) The FIXED WORKPLACE package includes the postal address service. With this service, Space Pro provides the opportunity to receive correspondence and small shipments addressed to the Client for the duration of the contract. The time for storage after the expiration date is 7 / seven/ days after receipt. When providing this service, Space Pro only undertakes to receive the shipment, to notify the Client in person or by e-mail within one business day of receiving the shipment. If the shipment is not accepted by the Client within 14 days, Space Pro has the right to forward the consignments and correspondence which were not requested by the Client within the aforementioned period to the address of the Client specified in the Contract signed with him, without being responsible to deliver or condition the shipments or return the shipment back to the sender. Any customer who uses the postal address service expressly accepts and is advised that Space Pro is obliged to accept all consignments and correspondence addressed to its address on behalf of the Client using the service. In certain cases, the receipt of messages to Space Pro’s address may be considered as official acceptance on behalf of the Client of subpoenas, notarial invitations and other documents of service, on which the limitation or other time limits begin to run. Space Pro has no obligation to evaluate the nature of individual messages and shipments and accepts all such messages addressed to the Client, and Space Pro is not responsible for expired or missed deadlines by the Client.

(4) The client may also use the address as an official address for entry in the commercial register – „postal address +“. The „postal address +“ service is not included in the Fixed Workplace Package.

This service is only available to customers with a one-year contract and upon prior request. The price of this service is separate from the rent and is paid at the beginning of signing the Contract.

3. Access conditions

(1) Clients have access to the workspace within official business hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm hours, or if extra time is required, an additional payment is agreed for the time of the job or service provided.

(2) In the event of improper use of the space beyond the conditions described in §3 (1) or actions resulting in additional expenses for Space Pro in connection with the security or safety of the building, the Client shall be fully responsible for the costs or damages caused.

(3) In case of delay of payments due from the Client, Space Pro has the right to restrict or deny the Client access to Korner office space.

4. Membership agreement

(1) The Client enters into an „Coworking Membership Agreement“ with Space Pro for the SHARE PLACE WORKPLACE and the FIXED WORKSPACE Package.

(2) The Agreement with the Client shall be considered concluded from the date of signing the contract on paper.

(3) These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Agreement and are published and freely available on the Korner website – www.kornersofia.bg. By signing the Agreement, the Client declares that he has met them and accepts them in full.

5. Prices and method of payment

(1) The prices of the services provided by Space Pro shall be specified in the contract concluded between the Client and Space Pro. The price for the VISITOR package is stated on the site www.kornersofia.bg.

(2) The Client shall have the right to pay the amounts due by bank transfer. All bank fees payable by bank transfer are at the expense of the Client.

(3) Space Pro reserves the right to offer additional or individual discounts to individual clients or groups of clients.

6. Use of the meeting room

(1) Space Pro provides a meeting room for its members as well as for external clients who are not connected to the use of the shared workspace. The meeting room can be rented hourly during Korner’s business hours, from 09: 00-18: 00 on official business days.

(2) Rental rates are announced on the Korner website at www.kornersofia.bg

(3) The Client has the right, at the rental price, to use the following available equipment – smart TV, white writing board and unlimited access to WIFI. The use of a projector wall, projector, flipchart, presenter is upon request.

(4) For additional payment the Client may request additionally different catering packages. This service is requested additionally.

(5) The preservation of the meeting room shall be made in advance via the online contact format published on the Korner website at https://kornersofia.bg/contact/#booking or by telephone at least 30 minutes earlier.The client receives a confirmation according to the form of inquiry by email or phone, according to availability at the time of saving.

(6) Payment shall be made in advance by bank transfer or on the spot by card before the event begins. In cases where the payment is made by bank transfer, the same shall be considered valid upon receipt to the bank account of Space Pro.

7. Protection of personal data

(1) Space Pro processes and stores personal data for its customers.

(2) With the conclusion of the Space Pro contract, each Client shall be deemed to have given his / her consent to provide his / her personal data necessary for the conclusion and performance of the respective Space Pro contract. The Client expressly agrees that his personal data will be used in accordance with the applicable procedures in Bulgaria. The client may be informed about the privacy policy of the privacy policy posted on the site.

8. Consumer behavior on the internet

(1) The Client undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the dissemination of information. The Client is solely responsible for its actions, including when using the Internet, through the Space Pro network.

(2) The Client is obliged to comply with legal restrictions in the transfer, storage, processing and presentation and / or provision of information. The Client is required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to the protection of intellectual and / or industrial property. Copying, distributing or downloading copyrighted music and / or movies and / or other copyrighted sites without a license is prohibited.

(3) In the event of a breach of §10 (2) that results in Space Pro damages, the Client shall be required to indemnify Space Pro for all damages, including but not limited to all legal and other costs incurred by Space Pro in connection with the protection of her rights and legitimate interests.

9. Following the internal rules

(1) The Client is obliged to use the property with the care of a good owner, in accordance with good morals, good neighborly relations, fire-fighting, sanitary and other rules and norms.

(2) The Client undertakes to immediately take the necessary actions for urgent removal of damages to the premises, as a result of guilty or innocent actions of the Client and / or third parties, which he has admitted to the premises, and immediately notify Space Pro thereof;

(3) Space Pro offers to its Clients equipment (smart screen, whiteboard, projector wall, projector, presenter, HDMI cables) and other fully functional furniture. The devices are maintained in good condition and their use by the Client must be tailored to their respective purpose. Damage resulting from misuse is at the expense of the Client.

(4) The Client may not use the shared office space for:
– Warehousing, distribution of dangerous / illegal goods and services;
– Noisy activities that somehow interfere with other visitors;
– Illegal activities;
– Use the address provided to him as a Service in the form of a „Postal Address“ and „Postal Address +“ for Illegal activities, to receive dangerous, prohibited articles or articles whose import, export or transportation are subject to special notification or authorization, as well as large packages.

10. Final provisions

(1) Space Pro has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Space Pro undertakes to notify the Client in due time of the changes made.

(2) In case individual clauses or parts of these General Terms and Conditions are declared invalid, this does not lead to the invalidity of these General Terms and Conditions and the concluded contract with a Client. In such cases, both parties undertake, in the place of invalid provisions, to agree and introduce as soon as possible new lawful ones which are close to the interests of both parties.

11. Credits

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